The Demographical Structure of Cesme in Mid- 19th Century(Only the Muslim Population)

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Ottoman Empire, Çeşme, Alaçatı, Ovacık, Population


In this study, the Muslim population structure of Çeşme that was an Anatolian district in the middles of the 19th century was investigated for the first time with reference to the data in the first censuses made in the Ottoman Empire in modern terms. In this investigation, the book dated H. 29 Z. 1258 (1 January 1843) numbered BOA. NFS. d. 2921 in which the population of the district Çeşme of Sığla Sanjak of the province Aydın was written in detail was used as main source. Together with the number of houses in every neighborhood and village registered in the books which are about Çeşme and are the subject of the investigation, the living male population was also determined, the death rates according to years were examined, and the physical features of the population were revealed. The ages of the people living in the district were registered in the books. The occupations of the house heads, the family names, the numbers of religious officials in the villages, neighborhood representatives, soldiers in the district, the handicapped and the orphans were investigated and assessed. This study, in which the population statistics and the census results were assessed, will lead important information in terms of the social history of the district to be revealed.




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