Didaché: The Apostles’ Doctrine

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Didaché, Apostles, Twoways, Origène, Eusèbe, Athanas


The treatise, called The Didaché = “Doctrine of the Apostles”, was found in 1873 and published in 1883 by Izmit Orthodox Metropolitan Philothée Bryennios according to “CODEX HYEROSOLYMITANUS” dating from 1056. However, the existence of this treatise was already known. Because Clément of Alexandria made transcriptions from this work to Origène. In Antiquity, this work is seen as an inspired work. Eusèbe puts this work among the Apocryphal. St. Athanas, on the other hand, mentions that this work is useful for those who will enter Christianity. Apart from this 1883 treatise in Greek, therearetwomore Didaché copies: one in Latin, named DeuxVoies (‘TwoWays’), published bySchlect, and theother in Arabicthat is included in the book ‘The Life of Schnoudi’(+451’. The author of Didaché is unknown. However, it was created in an artfuland harmoniousway, andserved as an inspirationforthelaterauthorsthatwrotethe main works in this field.


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