Cutting Slabs (Maktas) in Ankara Ethnography Museum

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Ankara Ethnography Museum, cutting slab (makta), openwork technique (ajour), mother of pearl, ivory


Calligraphy is the most important branch of art that forms manuscripts. As performing this art various equipments and materials are used. Among these; reed pen, ink, lycra, ink pot, inkwell, sharpener, cutting slab (makta), paper, scissor, burnishing tool (mühre), case (kubur), drawer (çekmece) can be counted. In the scope of this research, maqtas (Turkish Makta) which are being holded in Ankara Museum of Ethnography and haven’t subjected to any publication that are known little in calligraphy equipments and materials are tried to be revealed. Maktas which are made by pearl, ivory, bone and iron are in shape of rectangle and have a hole in their center to position the pen. Openwork technique (Ajour), surface carving can be seen in cutting slabs (maktas) and in these, geometrical, verbal and calligraphy compositions are preferred as ornaments. One of them carries the date and some of the others carry the name of artists. It can be seen that these cutting slabs (maktas) are products of late Ottoman era.


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