A Story of Exile in Our Recent History: “Yüz Ellilikler”

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  • Dr. Deniz DOĞRU


Yüz Ellilikler, Lozan, Exile


In accordance with “Aff-ı Umumiye’ye Mütealik Beyanname” which signed at Lozan Alliance’s 8th attachment after the National Struggle “An Oblivion Law” would be carried out to release all the criminals was approved. However, the protocol which was attached to this memorandum, in response to the sentences which was written in the memorandum it was indicated that Turkish Government would have right to prohibit the entrance of 150 people in the country and not to permit the residence. Thus, Turkish Government would have alsoright to deport the people started before who are already in the country. At second Turkish National Assembly in accordance with the memorandum attached in Lozan Alliance two oblivion law numbered 391 and 487 would be legislated, the list consielered 150 people would be determined and some layouts about them would be done. In this work the 150 people who wouldn’t take port within Oblivion, how it would be determined and the regulations about this will be semtinized.



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